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Provider of market-leading global power generation solutions.

Global Reach

Wamar Power is a non-OEM provider with the proven capability to
install, inspect, operate and maintain power generation equipment worldwide.


Wamar Power has the experience, knowledge and power
to create, modify, operate and maintain all types of power generation facilities.

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Wamar Engineering

Provider of technologically advanced aftermarket reconditioning services and Long Term Agreements (LTA's) for the power generation industry.

Wamar International

A leading independent energy services provider for over 25 years, offering facility operations, maintenance, construction, turbine repair, overhauls, technical support and staffing.

Global Tech Services

A worldwide provider of gas turbine parts, providing high-quality OEM-Equivalent assets ranging from the most basic to major hot gas path parts and repairs.

Engineering Services

Wamar Power provides engineering and consulting services to companies in the power generation industry to modernize, retrofit, service, and upgrade equipment.


Wamar Power provides power generation solutions to companies throughout the Middle East, Europe, Australia, Asia and the Americas.